Hello, my name is Paige and I am a mummy to three beautiful babies, T, E and A. I am a cloth bumming, organic clothing, as natural as can be parent.

We are an outdoorsy family, we’re often out on our bicycles, exploring rock pools along the seaside, camping, canoeing and rambling in the woods.



T is my eldest baby, my first born, my parenting educator, he is my four year old and a real discoverer. He is a puzzle enthusiast, book addict, unicorn devotee, magic admirer, animal lover, self taught face-painter.



E is my middle baby and she is two years old. She is a wild card, most people want to coo at her for being this blue-eyed, long blonde haired girl. When in fact she doesn’t want the “sweet” affection, she wants you to climb a tree with her or jump high waves with her in the bitter UK sea.



A is my youngest baby at one years of age. He is a music loving, super snugly, social bunny.


My husband and I have been together for almost ten years now. My amazing husband has supported us through three hard hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) pregnancies, two of which saw me hospitalised more than once.

My husband and I try to keep our home as chemical free as possible and are in the process of developing our home towards a more natural place to live. My husband has allergies to pretty much everything man-made and so for our children, quality non-toxic products are important to us.


Contact me via email: paigeandtheteaparty@outlook.com