Playground Fun, Friends and Punting

My eldest hadn’t seen one of his friends for months and months, and a week hasn’t gone by where he hasn’t asked to see her. So when I told him we was going to be, he was so excited!

We ate our picnic then played at this great local children’s play area. My son smashed out some ‘Moana’ songs at the top of his voice, dance moves included and the youngest two spent most of their time delightfully demanding I push them in the swings.


We had a poo stick race on the bridge over the river and my friend brought some duck food with her, so we also fed the ducks.


Then my friend suggested we ride the river on a punt. It was such a good idea, we had an amazing time! The boatman showed them a nest of baby moorhens, nymphs and making patterns in the water, using willow tree branches.

The children were so well behaved on the punt



After we finished punting on the river we made our way back into town, my eldest and his friend danced for half an hour to a buskers music. They were fantastic little dancers, they looked wonderful together!

DSC_0451dancing buddies

We went for dinner in town and didn’t leave until past the children’s bedtime; The day had that warm holidaying feeling, super relaxed.

My children’s behaviour was exceptional, I was a very proud mummy.

Here’s a few more pictures of the day:

Thaine and sashadecorating the hat

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