Disneyland Paris

We visited Disneyland Paris for a day with three children aged four and under. Life has been super busy over here, it’s taken me a month to get round to writing this!

Firstly, my husband and I have never been to Disneyland, it’s never appealed to us. The queuing, the waiting, the frustrated crying children, the thought of spending so much on tickets that we would probably regret!

I can hear you asking why did we bother buying tickets then? Well, you see in the 40 years that my parents have been married my mum has always wanted to visit Disneyland, my dad did not and always took us on wild survival holidays. This year was a milestone birthday for my mum, so we decided to surprise her with a holiday break to Disneyland!

Secondly, we cannot believe how amazing Disneyland Paris is! Truly, Wow! The quality of everything is crazy high!


We hopped on a ferry and went to France in early May for four days and stayed at a Eurocamp about 30 minute drive from Disneyland Paris park.

We visited Disneyland on one of the warmest days this year and although the park wasn’t “busy” there were some must have objects we could not have done without! I thought it might be appropriate for me to share some of my tips with you.


Even bigger children need to rest

A very wonderful friend, Becky (The Mummy Adventure – Blog) kindly let us borrow her wagon. Honestly, it was the best piece of equipment we had. We used it to travel our pack lunch, water bottles and tired children (including our nearly five year old!).

The wagon was used for shade quite a bit during the very hot day too.



And Packed Lunch

Seriously, drinks are super expensive inside the park. We waited in the que for a ice slush drink for the children, we left the que when we found out that it was 8 euro each!!!

The park has a lot of water fountains dotted about and we were very glad to have taken our Klean Kanteens with us. We ended up filling our bottles TEN times each throughout the day!


We did take a reusable bottle each, we could have taken less and just refilled more often but because we had the wagon the bottles were no issues carrying around.

We packed lots of fruit and cut up vegetables to keep us all going throughout the day. We had a backpack with us and everytime we joined a que we put food and water supplies in. Pretty much all the rides allow you to take a bag on with you so it was easy enough to keep the children happy in the ques.


Ice creams

There wasn’t many choices of ice creams on offer and they were selling at about 4 euros each, however they were pretty much an necessity to help us cool down.



Disneyland Paris App

I was recommended the Disneyland Paris App by many people. The app has the map of the park and tells you the waiting times of each ride to help you prioritise.


Our youngest was 79cms at the time of visiting the  theme park and was able to go on most of the rides. There was enough rides for him to go on to fill a whole day; we didn’t even get on all the rides!

We didn’t have a least favourite ride, they all wowed us in their own ways but Pirates of the Caribbean we went on three times!!

The two eldest babies fell asleep just as we were walking out of the theme park.




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