A Letter to My Two Year Old

My wonderful only daughter, this is your last night being two.

We’re spending the night in a hotel in London and tomorrow I’m going to take you and your elder brother out to the museum’s, as you requested. It was slightly directed by your daddy and I, because quite frankly if we let you completely choose you’d probably get your hopes up on having “helicopter driver” lessons!



Since your last birthday you have been a flower girl for your uncles wedding, had chicken pox (which got us stuck out in Cyprus for another 9 days!), grown more teeth, got much longer hair and moved house.

You have inherited traits of my personality and your dads good looks.

Your independent, strong, kind, curious, stubborn and clever. Your a brilliant climber and although your small for your age you don’t let that define you.



You only like cuddles and kisses on your terms and often blow kisses when saying goodbye to family. When questioned whether you’ll give a proper kiss you firmly tell the person “I did kiss you!”….then huff!

You have extraordinarily long golden brown hair with a thick light blonde streak at the front. You are particularly protective of your hair because so many strangers have uninvitedly tried to touch it, you have now perfected a devil stare to warn off unwanted hair strokers!


Your favourite person in the whole world is your daddy and your best friends are still your brothers! Your favourite colour is blue and your favourite toy is a remote control car that you got for Christmas. Your favourite thing to do is to splash in the bath (you flooded the bathroom this year!) and in puddles (despite what shoes or no shoes your wearing) and to ride your balance bike.

You have the sweetest tooth out of your siblings and not afraid to try new foods, your always asking “Can I try some of that?”.

You sleep in the bottom bunk of the bed and are pretty good at recognising when your tired by taking yourself for naps, at home and at nursery school.

You still suck your thumb and still take “Rabbit” to bed with you.


You still insist that your skipping being three and going on four so that you can be like your big brother but my beautiful girl, tomorrow you will wake up as a three year old and everything will be great!

For now, Goodnight my two year old. I love you.


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