Happy Siblings Day!

Today is National Siblings Day.

I thought I’d come on here and share a few things that we (the parents) have noticed that our little ones love about one another.



T, our eldest is loving that his younger sister can now play imaginative small world with him, he brings her toys and tells her the plot line to their play.

He is enjoying that she understands his humor and sentences often start by him repeating her name “E, E, E…..” then end in snorting giggle fits.

T, loves having a younger brother. T, enjoys his younger brothers dancing and tries to get in on the action.

He also finds it hilarious (as do we) that he can’t tell the difference between baby photographs of him and his younger brother.



Our middle, E, she loves it when her older brother recites books to her, we often find them having quiet book time together. She also feels relaxed around him, when they’re together she looks very content, has her thumb in mouth and generally looks like she feels safe.

Her younger brother is her partner in crime, they get up to all sorts – like pouring cereal all over the kitchen floor!

She get’s really giggly when she’s around him. She has also started taking on a bit of responsibility for him, when he drops his fork at dinner time she’s the first to pick it up, when she needs a cuddle she’s there and when he wants to get out of his cot….there she is pulling him out of it!



The youngest baby, A, admires his older brother trimendistly, he copies his every move. If T has a stick as a horse, walking stick, sword etc. guarantee A is right behind doing the same with his stick!

A, loves dancing with his big sister and is always reaching for her hands so that they can skip around in circles. He also goes to sleep in the car with her holding his hand, almost every time.


Of course they scrap and fight, that’s what siblings do. But there are more loving moments that are more important to cherish.


Happy National Siblings Day!

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