The Last Nappy

Last week on Thursday morning our middle one, E, refused to let us put a nappy on her after a shower. She went in to her draw and got some knickers out, put them on and stood there glaring at us.

“I’m not wearing a nappy anymore, I’m wearing knickers!”

From then on, there has been no nappy. We did the same with her as we did our eldest and we will do the same with our youngest, we just let them decide when they’re ready to come out of nappies. It works so much better, no stress and independence is supported and rewarded.

estra knickers 1-01

There has been a few wee accidents this week at nursery school, but that’s been when she hasn’t quite pulled her knickers down low enough when sitting on the toilet.

Now I only have one baby left in nappies and at the moment my emotions are mixed, I’m super proud of her but also sad, it’s a big transition that see’s a “baby” become a child.



2 thoughts on “The Last Nappy

  1. It is such a milestone! Love the way you’ve approached it too. We did the same with my eldest two and plan to do the same with the youngest. Although secretly hoping not for a while so I can enjoy the fluffy bums a little bit longer!


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