Our Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

Is it me or does anyone else feel like Easter creeped up on us so quickly?!

I was so excited to spend time with my family that social media was completely neglected, which quite honestly I enjoyed. I have so much that I meant to write up, but for now I’ll just do a Friday to Monday and I’ll try to catch up the rest over the forthcoming week.



Good Friday

On Good Friday we visited the Rare Breeds Centre. Our eldest has always been frightened of animals no matter how big or small, so you could imagine our surprise when he asked to visit the farm.


-You have to forgive my mobile phone photographs, with it being Britain and all, it rained cats and dogs and I was too frightened to get my proper camera out.-


Rain has never stopped us and I tend to keep head to toe waterproofs for the children in the car. On Friday the children were completely kitted out, so we were able to enjoy everything the farm had to offer…including the soggy, muddy tractor ride. 🙂


Our middle one is a rain worshiper, and lost interest in the animals after about an hour and only wanted to wade through deep puddles and stand under guttering that had flowing water gushing out of it like a waterfall.





We were meant to go out and be productive, we spent most of the day doing “boring” stuff, banking, food shopping etc.


I did take the older two swimming last minute, which was great because our eldest was swimming on his own!


And, I did manage to do some baking ready for the next day. I’ll do a post about that soon, as it was the first dairy and gluten free biscuits I have ever made.


Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we went to Walmer castle and did a Dragon Egg Hunt, which had our eldest baby in his element.

Our eldest has a wonderful imagination and walked hunched over a stick (walking stick) claiming that he was a very old dragon on a pilgrimage to an annual Dragon meet, where he’ll drink blood tea, eat rainbow brain cake and practice his flying skills. Along the walk he had to be refueled with petrol, because apparently Dragons need petrol to create energy and fire!


Our fierceless middle one joined in with his game and climbed the “Trunk of Doom!” (A HUGE tree that had been cut down) and she continuously practiced her dragon flying skills by taking off the highest part of the large log!


Our youngest one…well he spent the whole day walking. Literally just non stop walking, climbing and attempting to keep up with his older sister and brother. When he had enough of the climbing, A still denied the pleasure of a pushchair and instead clung to a cup of water and carrot sticks.


We had a wonderful day with family, it was a good Easter Sunday.


Bank Holiday Monday

This day started off with our eldest baby, T, wiggling his little bottom at me in his new pants saying “my new pants say Monday mummy! Look!” Then the children broke out their new Easter gifts and spent the morning playing with them.

Plan Toys Cactus from Babipur
Limited Edition Grimm’s Rainbow from Babipur



We then made our way to Dover castle for their medieval weekend.

They also did a St.George and the Dragon performance early which had our eldest creative play bubbling again.

We watched a jester show, hilarious, especially as he chose daddy as his assistant. Although our youngest didn’t think so, he was more concerned and repeatedly (exhaustingly) kept trying to get to his daddy telling me “elp, daddy”.

It was a really fantastic afternoon and the children loved watching the reenactments.



Sorry if that was super rushed and I hope that all made sense, we had a very busy weekend. I’m exhausted and ideally need another day just to sleep!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too.




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