Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

I love the idea of getting my children something for Easter that their really going to enjoy. Something that won’t just go in one end and out the other! I also like the idea of my three children NOT being sugar loaded and hyped up on chocolate and sweets.

These are a few alternative gifts I’ve got my little ones and family.


Plan Toys Hopping Rabbit


The Plan Toys Hopping Rabbit just keeps hop, hop, hopping. The eco painted rubberwood toy bounces delightfully across the floor as your toddler pulls it along behind them.


Lanka Kade Rabbit


This cute little rabbit has been handmade from rubberwood and is a perfect gift for all ages. They’re also hand painted, however if you prefer non-painted rabbits, they are available. The Lanka Kade Rabbit costs £1.96.


Plan Toys Pets and Accessories


My little ones love this Plan Toys Pet set, we don’t have any pets but I have children that crawl around woofing and meowing. I bought it for £11.95 from Babipur website.




We have a lot of food intolerances in our family, every celebration we look for alternatives to chocolate and sweets.  All the children in our family are young, we have decided the easy to grow sunflower as gifts for Easter. But this gift is perfect for all ages.


Okonorm Egg dying Kit


The Okonorm Egg Dying Kit which only cost me £3.95 and came with five coloured sachets, red, green, orange, pink and yellow and is a perfect gift for all ages. The colours are all natural and gluten-free. Have lots of fun having an Easter egg hunt or enjoy eating them.


These are my top 2018 Easter gifts.

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