My Long Haired Two Year Old

When E was born she had a beautiful head of hair, however, how to describe it doesn’t sound so precious. As a tiny newborn she literally had a block of black hair like a Lego woman. It was different.

She never lost any of her hair it just grew and grew. It lightened up and her new hair coming through was a golden blonde and she ended up with a dip dye look. She still has a strong blonde streak of hair at the very front; her hair is kind of like Rapunzel meets Cruella De Vil.



Monkey 2

I still remember chasing her crawling around the lounge and dining room, under tables and behind sofas with the hairbrush in one hand, when she was 6 months old. But honestly, by the time she was 7 months she would happily sit and let me do her hair.


As she’s grown up people have been fascinated by her hair, leaning in close to comment on it and even touching it. At first I liked people paying attention to her (although I never liked them touching her!), then it became annoying and interfered with our days; people would see others stopping and speaking to us and then they would come over and so on. Then we had jealousy from other mothers of daughters saying hurtful things such as “if she didn’t have that hair she wouldn’t be that special”.

Now, I reflect differently about the affection that occurred regarding her hair, because there’s been a silver lining. Very important life lessons have been taught, the unwanted attention has made her wary of strangers, she’s self aware and understands that her body is HER body and no one else’s; she doesn’t give anybody the chance to stroke her hair now.

Estra long hair

And, what else is wonderful about her hair is the controversy, long beautiful hair on little girls is often related to being sweet, girly, gentle, shy, quiet, dainty…etc. E has those qualities in small amounts, she is quite the opposite, she is independent (OH MY she’s independent!), she is a confident communicator, courageous, capable and adventurous.

I love the fact that her hair has made her a stronger female.

She is beautiful, natural and unique.


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