The Boys

Today, I think, was the first time I’ve had just the boys on their own. It’s usually the youngest two that get time together without their sibling, but the middle baby ordered her auntie to take her out for the afternoon.

All three of my children look similar, but my middle baby does look more like her daddy and the boys look more like me. They look so similar, I can see so much of my youngest baby in his older brother.


My eldest has a thing, always has, for fiddling with his ear when he’s tired. My middle baby doesn’t, she sucks her thumb, but my youngest baby twiddles his ear just like his older brother.

I love the way they play together, the eldest adapts and simplifies his play to include his younger brother. These two are 34 months apart, which right now seems like such a big gap.  But already as they’re getting older the gap feels like it’s closing, it’s an exciting, loveable feeling.


We didn’t do much in the afternoon. I mainly tidied up and listened to these two play together. They spent most of their time playing with small world animals, chattering on the phone to one another and cuddling.

tna 1

Today my eldest used my phone to take photographs and videos, they turned out really good, I’ll share them soon. Along with his very own bedroom tour!



It was lovely having just the two boys for the afternoon, but I definitely missed their sister. I’m just too used to having them all together.


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