Egg-tastic Dying

This was something completely new to me. I’ve painted Easter Eggs before, but never have I dyed them, but consider me now egg-ucated. I used the Okonorm Egg Dying Kit which only cost me £3.95 and came with five coloured sachets, red, green, orange, pink and yellow. The colours are all natural and gluten-free.

Here’s how I dyed the eggs with my dad as my sous chef.


The first instruction is to make sure that you boil the correct amount of water in a stainless steel saucepan. My pan was a little big and we had to add a little more water; to have the best colour impact, you’ll need a smaller saucepan. However, I was super happy with our dyed eggs at the end of it all.

Before you put the eggs in, you need to pierce a hole in the bottom of the egg, then lower them in to the saucepan gently. Turn the heat down, if you leave it boiling the eggs bounce and the shell cracks.

boiling eggs

I only did two eggs to each colour and I boiled them for 10 minutes. The colour shade difference between both eggs was egg-ceptional, the dye intensity is different on all eggs. My dad and I were picking one light egg and one dark for each dye, just having fun exploring the variations…still children at heart.


When we took the eggs out of the saucepan we lowered them back in to the egg carton box to cool and dry. The green dye creates a fluffy froth on the eggs but it’s easily brushed off with fingers. But, wow they looked egg-cellent!


I selected my favourite eggs (we ate the rest for lunch) and Ta-Da!


We had a practice Easter Egg Hunt and I have already learnt that I underestimated my two year olds seeking skills…not sure why though, when I already know she can find all the goodies in the house (literally, they’re all hidden in the bike shed now!).


We were so happy with the outcome of our eggs, they turned out to be a cracking activity for all generations in the family.

I’ve already bought another kit for actual Easter time from Babipur and I already have my four year old clucking me to dye more eggs.

It’s a great planet friendly creative activity that can lead to other activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt and then eat them…like we did!

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