My Top 5 Indoor Snow Day Activities

We attempted to travel to work and school this morning, we struggled to walk to the car with the icy snowflakes beating on our cheeks. It was so cold our eldest walked with his hat over his entire face.

We got in the car, pulled out of our parking spot, pulled out of the junction…and we got stuck! I struggled to drive the car to the side of the road to safety, the snow isn’t even that deep, but I decided today is going to be a snow day.

So back home we trudged. Back to the cosy warm bricked box we call a home and there I shall stay…all day.

But, I have three babies age four years and under, I needed to occupy them otherwise I’d end up losing the will to live. So here are my top 5 things we did on our SNOW DAY!

Number 1

The children still wanted to go out and play in the snow, I wasn’t too keen after the walk we had this morning. So we brought the snow indoors and played with it in a tuff spot in the lounge.

indoor snowplay

This was a great activity and the children spent over an hour playing with the snow.

We used saucepans, sieves, spoons, trays and Kleen Kanteen cups and straws. The Kleen Kanteen cups and straws from Babipur were surprisingly our favourite thing to play with. We use the cups to fill and transport snow and even make snow castles!!

snow in a KK

snow castle

A brilliant activity because we kept warm and had fun playing with the snow inside.


Number 2

Time to scribble.

I try to keep crayons and paper out so the children draw as soon as they feel inspired. I say try, because most of the time I have to put them away as my middle baby, E, is a wall/furniture/floor/appliance artist.

crayon drawing

Babipur sent us these OkoNorm Natural non-toxic Beeswax Crayons. These organic, kind to the planet crayons had the children drawing coworses (cow-horse…apparently) for a good 40 minutes.

Estra drawing


Number 3

Every bedtime we read two to three books to our children. But today without the pressure of time and routine we easily managed to sit, share and enjoy books together as a family.

snow stories

I picked out books related to the snowy weather and to animals that live in cold/snowy habitats to spark conversation and create sustained shared thinking. After sitting with the children for a long period of time my husband and I left them so that we could go make love…I wish…lunch, we made lunch.


Number 4

Our eldest asked a lot of questions about the penguins and I’m no wise animal guru, so I turned to a book about penguins and a YouTube clip to help answer questions that I was frosty on.

T asking about penguins

He drew a wonderful penguin and then he painted it using the eco-friendly OkoNorm Watercolour paints. The paints were delightful, when you open the packaging all the solid paints are a very pale paper colour, when water is added they almost magically become coloured! I only brought the set of six watercolour paints, which only cost £4.96 from Babipur, but I am so impressed I’m going to buy the 12 set piece.

rub the paint

1st paint stroke

The OkoNorm 6 paint set came with red, orange/yellow, green, brown, blue and purple colours. We successfully mixed some of the colours (can’t tell you which ones) together and got a dark charcoal paint, perfect for our penguins.


Number 5

Number 5 is that we relaxed and drank tea and hot chocolate.

It was only the other day that I was complaining that I never have time to stop and really enjoy my family. I feel like I’m always on the go, taking the children to school, nursery, going to work, taking them places for new experiences and quite frankly I was forgetting to show them how important time together inside our little bubble is.

Plan Toys Tea set from Babipur.
Aubyn B woobel board
Tula Blanket and Wobbel Board from Babipur 

This was our third snow day but the first we treated like we were snowed in (totally afraid of the two inches outside our house). We chilled out and tried to stop trying so hard to be occupied by external excursions. We relaxed. It was a good day.










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