Snow Day

We had little flurries of snow yesterday, but today we woke up to a sheet of snow over our little bit of England. For most reading this, you’ve probably already had snow and I’m really late to the party. But in fact we haven’t had snow that’s laid for 5 years! So you can imagine how exciting it is for all of us.

T’s school wasn’t closed, however we watched cars attempting to leave our cul-de-sac and they were slipping and sliding about, hitting the brick wall and bumping in to other cars as they tried to turn the corner. T’s school is over 3 miles away from our house and the safer option for him/us was to keep him at home.


In the excitement of the snow, we rumidged through our winter wear basket pulling out hats and coats most that don’t fit any of us anymore, T even left his pajamas on underneath his waterproofs; he was ready before we had even realised what he had done. The snow was too thrilling to think straight or about routine, we didn’t eat breakfast before we went out, we munched on crackers as we got ready.


T was inquisitive and brave, he was running ahead, skipping and dragging his feet through the snow. He kept asking me “Mummy, does this mean tomorrow is Christmas again?” we all love Christmas but I couldn’t go through the stress of that again so soon!…what parent could?!

The eldest two played hide n’ seek at the park, the game didn’t last long because hiding places were sparse. Our youngest baby was wary of the snow and lasted a whole 3 minutes out of his Tula carrier! This did change later when we went out again, it was quite the opposite.

Snowball fights happened, I managed to keep the children on my side and we all got daddy! I smiled with smugness watching our eldest provoke daddy most of the day throwing snowballs at him – also impressed with his accuracy.

Our middle baby found Stick Man buried in the snow and insisted on bring him home! All I could think of, was that dog salivated, bacteria riddling stick is not coming home with us, so I convinced her that Stick Man would not be able to find his family again if we kept him at home.

We stayed out until our fingers and toes were numb and our noses and cheeks were rosy. We trudged home, climbed back into our pajamas and ate hot porridge and honey to warm us up.

Here’s a few pictures of our morning:










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