Half Term

Technically this was our first proper half term, with T being at school now. For all of us it was a much needed break, T was feeling overwhelmed by school, E was missing her older brother and wishing she was at school with him and our youngest, A, was feeling under the weather and just needed home.

We spent time a lot of time outdoors, taking in the fresh air and enjoying our local enviroment as an entertainment resource. We took to the beach a few times, a local nature reserve and to some beautiful gardens. Everyday we were dressed head to toe in waterproofs and everyday those waterproofs proudly needed cleaning.

Down the beach with the grandparents.


Bug hunting in beautiful gardens.




Our youngest was a little unwell Half Term week and spent a lot of time in the pushchair or our arms.


Teddys and trampolines.
Searching for fairies in the Nature Reserve.



The feeling of Spring is so close, snowdrop flowers are blooming and buds are beginning to appear on trees. The half term weather wasn’t half bad either, it was nice to get out and appreciate what’s around us, the enviroment and our family.













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