Deciding on School

Our eldest started school this week and we’ve all found it more difficult than we thought we would have.

The plan was for him to start reception this coming September. You see, he’s a summer born baby and last year the Government put in writing that summer born children (children born after April 1st) were able to join the following academic year. It used to be that you could defer a place if your child had special education needs but now the opportunity for summer born children to start when, really it’s age appropriate for them will create life long learners. Which is all we want for our eldest, T; to want to learn.

We found an amazing school that accepted T for reception start this coming September, however our Local Authority informed us that now we have permission from a head teacher they would find a undersubscribed reception school place for him this September closer to our home. The two schools they were suggesting were undersubscribed for a reason, if you follow me.

Disappointment struck. We had learnt and searched so much to fight to get him in the correct academic year and although we technically still had this choice we felt that if we took up the local infant school we could be sacrificing his well-being and love to learn.

The school that we loved, the school that originally offered us the reception place starting this coming September, also had a current place in the reception class now. My husband and I spoke of pros and cons for over a week, struggling with what would be the best for our son? And was it all a waste of time? Then finally we decided on enrolling him in reception now; The ethos we felt from the school was that they really are going to teach children throughout, individually and age appropriately.

So there it is. We made the jump!

Uniform brought and transition meetings done and his school life began.


The first two half days (settling in days) went okay. The third day he found difficult, I think the realism of it all set in. We had tears and him repeatedly telling me “I’m too small for school, it’s not legal!” – the word ‘Legal’ is his new word that he’s caught on to.

For the next two days following, T struggled, but on the fourth day he skipped to school expressing how “excited!” he was. In fact he was so happy to go in I almost didn’t get a kiss goodbye. Fingers crossed majority of his school days stay like this.

The beginning of his school journey has begun and this is it for next fourteen years, minimum. I still can’t believe this day has come, enjoy it whilst it lasts my not so little baby.


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