Snow Day

We had little flurries of snow yesterday, but today we woke up to a sheet of snow over our little bit of England. For most reading this, you’ve probably already had snow and I’m really late to the party. But in fact we haven’t had snow that’s laid for 5 years! So you can imagine … More Snow Day

Half Term

Technically this was our first proper half term, with T being at school now. For all of us it was a much needed break, T was feeling overwhelmed by school, E was missing her older brother and wishing she was at school with him and our youngest, A, was feeling under the weather and just … More Half Term

Deciding on School

Our eldest started school this week and we’ve all found it more difficult than we thought we would have. The plan was for him to start reception this coming September. You see, he’s a summer born baby and last year the Government put in writing that summer born children (children born after April 1st) were … More Deciding on School